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Speaking (4A, 4B)


Результат пошуку зображень за запитом "spring"
     I love spring. It is a wonderful season. The days become longer and the nights become shorter.
The ground is covered with fresh green grass and the first spring flowers.
    Birds sing and build their nests. The air is fresh and the sun shines brightly.
The weather is warm and everything is full of life and joy. 

     Children like to play outdoors. Families go to the parks to have picnics.
In spring we can go to the country and have a walk in the woods or by the river.

We have a lot of holidays in spring: Women's Day, April Fool's Day, Easter, May Day, Mother's Day and Victory Day, That is why spring is my favourite season.


Test your knowledge! (4A, 4B and 3B)

Dear children!  Do this test and check your knowledge of English!

Результат пошуку зображень за запитом "knowledge is power"


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School (4A, 4B)

What is your favourite lesson?
What school subject are you good at?

What is your favourite place at school?

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Revision (1A)



I. Знайдіть правильний варіант відповіді та запишіть речення у зошиті:
1.They    ...     a test now.
   a) write     b) are writing      c) wrote
2. I  …      my favourite book yesterday.
   a) read       b) am reading     c) will read
3. He    …     in a bank next year.
   a) works     b) worked          c) will work
4. The weather   …     cold last month.
    a) is            b) was               c)will be
5. Linda    …      her grandmother every summer.
     a) visits     b) visited           c) will visit
II. Складіть та запишіть речення:
     This doctor                             shopping.
     The weather                           works in the new hospital.
     Many people drink                 8 o’clock.
     Samanta likes to go                is changeable this spring.
     School starts at                       coffee in the morning.