Зразок вступної контрольної роботи (2017), 4A

І. Прочитай та доповни текст пропущеними словами. 
Season , camera, Australia, trees, swim 

My name is Sarah. I live in_______________. I’m a spring person and I like this ______________ best. It is so good for travelling because you can be outdoors in any spring month. Early in September my family goes to the mountains to ski. In November, we go to the beach to sunbathe, ______________ and surf. But most of all I like to travel to the tropical rainforests. In spring it is so beautiful there: tall green ____________, bright birds and butterflies near water, a carpet of flowers. I always take my _____________with me and take so many pictures.

Визначи правильність тверджень (+/-).
Результат пошуку зображень за запитом "australia"
 Sarah is from America.                                                                    
 Her favourite season is spring.
 It is hot in Australia in November.
 Sarah doesn’t like to go to the tropical rainforests.

ІІ. Склади заперечне та запитальне речення. 
She is watching TV now.
He went to Lviv last week.
They will read this book.

 ІІІ. Доповни запитання словами Who, What, When, Where та дай на них відповіді.
 ________ season is it now?
 ________ do you go to bed?
 ________ did you play yesterday?
 ________ cooks dinner in your family? 


STEAM-project "SEED"

It will be Easter soon. Let's make such funny egg people. Make them at home and bring to school after holidays. Who will bring the funnies one?

Результат пошуку зображень за запитом "egg head planter"


Homework 4-A

Складіть речення та запишіть у зошит. Додайте вид транспорту, на якому здійснювалась подорож.
Зразок: Last summer the boys travelled to the mountains by train.


4A, New Project

Our volunteer Ahmed Hashem has started a new project. To participate

1) Choose a country you like.                                           
2) Find out the name of its capital.
3) Draw, make or print its flag.
4) Name some animals living in this country.

Be ready to present this country to other children.